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National Park 2010

National parks are designed to conserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of areas of outstanding landscape value, and to promote public understanding and enjoyment of these areas. There are two national parks in Scotland: The Cairngorms national park and Loch Lomond & The Trossochs national park.

Migrant indicator

Mnemonic reference (code): MIGPUK11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A classification of people based on the difference between their census enumeration address and their address one year prior to the census. It provides an indicator of the movement of people within the UK, and also of those who have migrated into the UK from abroad, in the year prior to the census.

Applicability: Person


Marital and civil partnership status

Mnemonic (reference code): MARSTAT

Type: Primary variable

Definition: Marital and civil partnership status classifies an individual according to their legal marital or registered same-sex civil partnership status as at 27th March 2011. This topic was included in the 2001 Census but it has to be revised in order to take account of registered same-sex partnerships after the adoption of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Applicability: Person



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