Latest from Scotland’s Census 2021

2016 was busy year for Scotland's Census 2021, much of the activity has been focused on identifying user needs, agreeing our design plans and scoping our future research and engagement needs. Some highlights from 2016 included:

  • In August we published our Topic Consultation Report, which detailed our response to the consultation, updating our view on topics under consideration for inclusion in the 2021 census.
  • We commenced our engagement with potential commercial suppliers through our market engagement events in September.
  • We have established a working group on census outputs to ensure the outputs are considered as early as possible.

Activity to look out for in 2017

  • 2021 Census topics - Following the publication of our Topic Consultation Report, we are now working with a variety of data users to better understand their needs. We are also planning research and small scale question testing to further inform our recommendations for the topics to be included in the next census. This work will continue throughout 2017. 
  • Outputs and Statistical Disclosure Control - Planning around statistical disclosure control methodology is well underway. This includes further engagement with the other UK census agencies and participating in international groups on dissemination, disclosure and researching various disclosure methodologies. We plan to conduct further consultation in 2017, so look out for further information about this soon.
  • Privacy Impact Assessment  - We fully recognise the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Individuals responding to the census need to know that their data will be safe and secure, who will have access to it and how it will be used. We are therefore planning to publish the first iteration of the Scotland's Census 2021 Privacy Impact Assessment early in the new year and will seek input from stakeholders to help us identify privacy concerns.

More information on our plans for 2021 is available from the 2021 Section of the site, this includes information about:

Please take some time to have a look as we would welcome comments or feedback on any of this information. Contact details are available from the Get Involved section.

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