Scotland Census 1991 tables published

We have now added a first tranche of tables of Scotland Census 1991 to the standard outputs section of the website. 

Previously, statistics from Scotland’s Census 1991 were available online from the Nomis website and to users of the SASPAC software package, and also in published reference volumes by topic and geography.

Tables of 1991 Scotland Census data are now being added to the website in response to user demand, to extend the coverage of census data available.  Where possible, the design of some tables has been aligned with the corresponding tables of data from the 2001 and 2011 Censuses to improve comparability.

The tables released in this initial tranche are:

  • KS101SC – Usual resident population
  • KS102SC – Age structure
  • KS103SC – Marital and civil partnership status
  • KS201SC – Ethnic group
  • KS204SC – Country of birth
  • KS402SC – Tenure
  • KS404SC – Car or van availability
  • KS601SC – Economic activity
  • KS602SC – Economic activity - Males
  • KS603SC – Economic activity - Females

These tables are available for a range of output geographies, including:

  • Scotland
  • Council area 2011
  • Health Board 2014
  • Scottish Parliamentary Constituency 2011