Scotland's Census 2021 update

Work continues at pace as we plan for Scotland’s Census 2021 some highlights include:

2021 Census question development

Our 2021 Census Topic Consultation sought feedback on a range of potential changes/ additions/ deletions to questions posed in 2011. The responses to that consultation (and our Consultation Report, published in August 2016) have helped us form the initial design of the 2021 Census. Further development of the question set that we will recommend for the 2021 Census is underway, and will continue through 2017.

2021 Census outputs 

We continue to work with colleagues in ONS and NISRA and other external stakeholders to develop Statistical Disclosure Control methodology for 2021. We have also begun considering the scope, timing and format of the outputs we will produce for 2021. We are keen to seek further input and feedback from a wider group of stakeholders on our current thinking and are planning to hold a series of consultation events. 

Privacy Impact Assessment

We published the first version of the Scotland’s Census 2021 Privacy Impact Assessment , in January 2017. It reflects that the programme is at an early stage of design and planning and many specific processes, procedures and operational aspects are not yet fully defined. It evidences that we have begun to explore the various issues involved.

Get  Involved

All of the above activity requires discussions with you, our stakeholders. This is key if we want to understand your potential data needs, get you involved in question testing and seek feedback on proposals to help us deliver a successful census in 2021. If you would like to get more involved or hear more about this activity, our contact details are available from the Get Involved section.

Topic events

We are hosting a series of Scotland's Census 2021 Topic events in New Register House, Edinburgh in April. The events will provide an update about the research that is on-going and invite discussion around the following topics:

  • Ethnicity, National Identity and Religion
  • Language
  • Health and Care

More information on these events can be found from the Get Involved section.

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