Supporting Information

A range of reference information is available to support the use of Scotland’s Census data. Information ranges from what the census is and how census data shapes our future, to detailed descriptions of variables and how they were derived. If you can't find the information you need, please contact us.

The information below relates primarily to Scotland’s Census 2011.  If you want information about the census in 2001, please visit the 2001 information section.Select a category to find out more:

* Metadata – definitions, output categories, known quality issues and background on the source census questionnaire question(s) – for each output variable and their related classifications are provided in the alphabetic listing below.

Summary metadata for all output variables is also available from Scotland’s Census 2011 data dictionary (Excel, 602KB) . The data dictionary also includes the codebooks for the teaching, safeguarded and secure 2011 census microdata files produced for Scotland, as well as summary information on the geography products available for Scotland’s Census 2011.